Board of Directors

Appointed to five-year staggered terms, the Board of Directors consists of nine men and women, selected for their integrity and devotion to the public welfare and knowledge of Westbrook’s needs.

The directors are non-political, nonsectarian, and serve without remuneration. The original group of directors was elected by the incorporation of the Westbrook Foundation, Inc. Successor directors will be elected by a majority vote of the remaining directors. Directors may serve no more than two full, five-year terms.

Paul Winch – Chair
Lawrence Lariviere – Treasurer
Eve Barakos
Kathleen Cietanno
Tiffini Hovey
Paul Polo, Sr.
David Russell
An-Ming Truxes
Constance Vogell
Honorary Membership
Edmund Binder
Donald Morrison*
Jane Butterworth
Brian M. O’Connor
James M. Crawford
Barbara Reeve
Janet Dickey
Harry Ruppenicker, Jr.
Teri Gavigan
Beverly Schirmeier
John Hall III
Johanna Schneider
Bernadette Jones
Claire Anthony Smith
Robert Kindt, Jr.
Michael Wells, Esq.
Joanne Marino-Murray*
Richard Westbrook