For Donors

The Westbrook Foundation does not hold fund raisers, and does not have an active solicitation program for contributions to the Foundation. However, it welcomes any and all contributions of funds or other property to be used to benefit the residents of Westbrook. In fact , such contributions are necessary in order for the Westbrook Foundation to continue as a tax-exempt public foundation. We encourage those townspeople who have a desire to make contributions to the Westbrook Foundation to contact any Trustee directly, or write to the Foundation at:

Westbrook Foundation
P.O. Box 528
Westbrook, CT 06498

The Foundation will consider any request that you make with regard to the use of your contribution, within the rules established by the IRS. You may wish to make contributions to the principle of existing scholarship funds so that The Foundation can increase the amounts awarded each year. These older, established scholarship funds have not kept up with the rapidly increasing tuition costs and, therefore, do not help students and their families as much as we would like.

You may wish to establish a new scholarship for your own purpose. This can be done now by depositing a principle fund with us, or may be done by a charitable remainder trust where the donor receives income from the trust for life, after which the principle in the trust would be bequeathed to The Foundation to establish a new scholarship for your purpose. Another option would be to establish a fund to provide grants to local organizations who apply, to carry out projects that benefit the residents of this town, such as the Barbara Spencer bequest has done.

If you are interested in contributing to The Westbrook Foundation for any of the purposes mentioned above, please contact us by email, or by mail. Remember that all contributions to The Foundation are tax deductible on your federal return.