How to Donate

Contributions Accepted by Mail

To make a donation to the Westbrook Foundation mail a check made payable to the Westbrook Foundation, Inc. to P.O. Box 528; Westbrook, CT 06498. Only checks made out to the Westbrook Foundation, Inc. can be accepted; donors who wish to support a specific scholarship fund should reference that fund in the check’s memo line.

Please note that the Westbrook Foundation is not able to accept cash donations or postal money orders.

How Contributions are Directed

The Westbrook Foundation welcomes any and all contributions of funds or other property to be used to benefit the residents of Westbrook and will consider any request with regard to the use of contributions, within the rules established by the IRS.

Establishing a New Scholarship or Fund

Donors who wish to establish a new scholarship may do so in one of two ways: by depositing a principal fund with the Westbrook Foundation; or by establishing a charitable remainder trust through which the donor receives income from the trust for life and, upon death, bequeaths the principal in the trust to the Westbrook Foundation for the establishment of a new scholarship.

Donors may also establish a fund to provide grants to local organizations that apply for them to help support their projects benefitting Westbrook residents.

For more information about establishing a new scholarship or fund, email

All contributions to the Westbrook Foundation are tax deductible on the donor’s federal return.