There Are High Hopes for this Grant

Shown here, seasoned therapy horse Taylor, takes participants on an afternoon trail ride, with the help of a volunteers. Rides like this one foster self esteem and rider accomplishment, while the horse’s movement helps mitigate sensory integration issues.

Old Lyme, CT With the gift of a $5,000 grant from the Westbrook Foundation, High Hopes Therapeutic Riding facility will be fulfilling the high hopes of several Westbrook residents impacted with conditions ranging from autism, stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy and sensory neurological disorders, who benefit from the facilities therapeutic program.

“This gift from the Westbrook Foundation will be used to provide support for our Westbrook residents to participate in High Hopes programs throughout the year,” explained Kitty Stalsburg, Executive Director of High Hopes. “These funds will directly help us to continue to provide an affordable, quality service to individuals with special needs.

According to Stalsburg, “Last year High Hopes provided over 8,000 Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy sessions for over 1700 people. We are truly grateful for this important support from the Westbrook Foundation.”

Chairman of the Westbrook Foundation, Jim Crawford explains “The Foundation Board is pleased to continue the important work that supports exciting initiatives in our community. Board members are privileged to be the temporary stewards of this remarkable gift and happy to provide grant monies to such deserving programs such as High Hopes Therapeutic Riding.”

Spring grant applications for the Westbrook Foundation are due April 1, 2014. For more information go to Westbrook Foundation Grants.