Westbrook Foundation Awards $144,950 in Scholarships to Town’s Students

The Westbrook Foundation has awarded $144,950 in scholarships to members of the Westbrook High School Class of 2019 and to other residents of the town pursuing post-secondary education. The scholarships will support the students as they enter the next stage of their lives at colleges, universities, and trade schools across the country.

Among the more than two dozen scholarships awarded were three in the amount of $10,000 and one in the amount of $15,000. The Foundation is pleased to be able to provide this level of support to the town’s students at a time when the cost of higher education continues to skyrocket.

“The Foundation’s original benefactor, Barbara Spencer, was a career educator, and I’m certain she would be thrilled to know that we are advancing her vision of providing educational and training opportunities to Westbrook’s residents by helping to shoulder some of the financial burden of college,” said Foundation Chair Paul Winch. 

“It’s a pleasure to review the scholarship applications each spring,” said Foundation Scholarship Committee Chair David Russell, “and it’s a great feeling to be able to help Westbrook’s youth as they step out into the world to pursue higher education and careers. We know they’ll go on to succeed in a wide variety of fields.”

The following members of the WHS Class of 2019 received the Foundation’s most competitive scholarships:

Finian McGannon: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship Spirit of Westbrook Award ($15,000)

Marie Bavely: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship Spirit of Westbrook Award ($10,000)

Sarah Farnoli: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship Spirit of Westbrook Award ($10,000)

Katelyn Wallace: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship Spirit of Westbrook Award ($10,000)

Colin Sutherland: Henry Ortner Memorial Scholarship ($7,000)

Alana Bochanis: Henry Ortner Memorial Scholarship ($7,000)

Avery Bauman: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship ($6,000)

Nathan Comment: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship ($6,000)

Marissa McNary: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship ($6,000)

Juliana Horne: Elliot A. Spencer Memorial Scholarship ($5,000)

Katherine Dahl: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship Leadership Award ($3,000)

Renee Perregaux: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship Good Citizenship Award ($3,000)

Members of the WHS Class of 2019 also received the following scholarships totaling $51,950:

Calderari-Hoxsie-Schubert-Steinson Veteran’s Memorial Scholarship: Alyssa Sirisoukh

Dorothy Christopher Hoyt Scholarship: Daniel Perreault

Herbert A. Muller, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Michael Gingras

Ellen S. Murphy Scholarship: Jamie Merola

Raymond L. Wilson Scholarship: Lindsey Prevost

Westbrook Grange #123 Scholarship: Juliana Horne

Pat Mazeau & Myrtie Gareau Scholarship: Cameron Marshall

Dan Nuhn Memorial Scholarship: Corinna Hofler

Marie Mazeau Memorial Scholarship: Zoie Murphy

Shoreline Amateur Radio Club Scholarship: Sara Farnoli

Joanne Marino-Murray Scholarship: Sara Knudsen

Eileen M. Daily Memorial Scholarship: Marissa McNary

Tom Odell Scholarship: Juliana Horne

Nicholas P. Tragakes Scholarship: Jamie Merola

Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship Special Awards: Carolyn Bauman, Ingrid Bauman, Samuel Beebe, Alana Bochanis, Connor Cruz, Mylena Cruz, Kelly Donlan, Joshua Dowling, Gabriella Ehlert, Quinn Ernst, Tavish Ernst, Michael Gingras, Corinna Hofler, Sara Knudsen, Jack Lyman, David McCain, Cameron Marshall, Jamie Merola, Zoie Murphy, Daniel Perreault, Renee Perregaux, Gretchen Pierpont, Lindsey Prevost, Ashley Roberts, Ben Schreck, Alyssa Sirisoukh, Garrett Smith, and Devon Young

The Westbrook Foundation also awarded five, $1,000 scholarships through its Messerschmidt Fund to the following town residents who are currently pursuing post-secondary education: Jay Donlan, Danyelle Engels, Erica Martell, Natalie Ranelli, and Katheryn Xenelis.