Westbrook Foundation Awards $145,950 in Scholarships to Town’s Students

Pictured, from left to right: Westbrook Foundation Co-Chairs Brian O’Connor and Constance Vogell; award winners Olivia Fabrizi, Alyssa Esposito, Samantha Cates, Amanda Wilderman, Christine Banks, Tirzah Blomquist, Natalie Ranelli, Halle Barron, and Nikol Jarra; and Westbrook Foundation Scholarship Chair Lawrence Lariviere.

The Westbrook Foundation has awarded $145,950 in scholarships to members of the Westbrook High School Class of 2018 and to other residents of the town pursuing post-secondary education. The scholarships will support the students as they enter the next stage of their lives at colleges, universities, and trade schools across the country. This is the largest outlay of funds the Foundation has awarded since its inception in 1984.

Among the more than two dozen scholarships awarded were three in the amount of $10,000 and one in the amount of $15,000. The Foundation made the decision this year to substantially increase the value of these scholarships in response to escalating tuition at many colleges and universities.

“We’re thrilled to be able to provide this level of financial assistance to Westbrook students and their families, particularly in light of sky-rocketing higher education costs,” said Foundation Co-Chair Constance Vogell.

Co-Chair Brian O’Connor added, “The Foundation’s original benefactor, Barbara Spencer, was a career educator, and I’m certain she would be proud to know that we are honoring her vision to ensure Westbrook students realize their educational goals.”

“We had a great pool of applicants for our scholarships this year and we know they’ll achieve success in many different fields,” said Scholarship Committee Chair Lawrence Lariviere. “It’s a privilege to be able to recognize them in this way as they go off to pursue their dreams.”

The following members of the WHS Class of 2018 received the Foundation’s most competitive scholarships:

Tirzah Blomquist: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship Spirit of Westbrook Award ($15,000) and Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship ($6,000)

Christine Banks: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship Spirit of Westbrook Award ($10,000) and Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship ($6,000)

Amanda Wilderman: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship Spirit of Westbrook Award ($10,000) and Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship for Leadership ($3,000)

Samantha Cates: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship Spirit of Westbrook Award ($10,000) and Elliot A. Spencer Memorial Scholarship ($5,000)

Halle Barron: Henry Ortner Memorial Scholarship ($7,000)

Damarys Nikol Jara: Henry Ortner Memorial Scholarship ($7,000)

Olivia Fabrizi: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship ($6,000)

Alyssa Esposito: Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship for Good Citizenship ($3,000)

Members of the WHS Class of 2018 also received the following scholarships totaling $57,450:

Calderari-Hoxsie-Schubert-Steinson Veterans Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Wright

Dorothy Christopher Hoyt Scholarship: Courtney Parrish

Manstan/Nolf Memorial Industrial Arts Scholarship: Niall Ashburner

Herbert A. Muller, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: Ethan Hamm

Ellen S. Murphy Scholarship: Isabella Lima

Raymond L. Wilson Scholarship: Courtney Parrish

Westbrook Grange #123 Scholarship: Olivia Fabrizi

Pat Mazeau & Myrtie Gareau Scholarship: Samantha Cates

Brandon E. Norman Memorial Scholarship: Justin Hellman

Dan Nuhn Memorial Scholarship: Charlotte Barton

Marie Mazeau Memorial Scholarship: Roger Silva

Shoreline Amateur Radio Club Scholarship: Maxwell Lyman

Joanne Marino-Murray Scholarship: Meredith Farrell

Eileen M. Daily Scholarship: Kendra Mansey

Tom ODell Scholarship: Olivia Fabrizi

Nicholas P. Tragakes Scholarship: Olivia Fabrizi

Barbara Spencer Memorial Scholarship Special Awards: Niall Ashburner, Charlotte Barton, Gabrielle Bibisi, Madison Bratz, James Cook, Julie Dias, Vincent Dyer, Danyelle Engels, Meredith Farrell, Christine Gallagher, Ethan Hamm, Jack Hayes, Skyler Jacobs, Victoria Koplas, Isabella Lima, Maxwell Lyman, Kendra Mansey, Andrew Naccarato, Courtney Parrish, Olivia Pohorylo, Natalie Ranelli, Ryan Saputo, Maclean Sarr, Roger Silva, Juliet Tompkins, Emily Vallee, Lauren Wright, and Kelsey Xenelis

The following post-high school Westbrook residents received Messerschmidt Scholarships to support their pursuit of secondary education: Jared A. Collins, Dylan Engels, Madeline Farrell, Matthew Gallagher, and Kevin Morrisey