Westbrook Foundation Gave out $127k+ in Grants in October 2019, and Next Deadline is Just Around the Corner

Twice a year, the Westbrook Foundation provides financial support in the form of grants to nonprofit, non-political organizations whose work enhances and positively impacts Westbrook residents’ lives.

In October 2019, the Foundation awarded more than $127,000 to eight organizations representing a range of stakeholders and types of service.

“It’s a privilege to be able to express our commitment to the community and to support Westbrook’s citizens of all ages through our twice-yearly grants,” said Foundation Chair Paul Winch. “We encourage local organizations serving Westbrook residents—including organizations not specifically based in town, but that provide support to those who live in Westbrook—to reach out to us via our grants application to help meet their financial needs.”

The next grant application deadline is April 1, 2020. Guidelines and applications are available on the Foundation’s website, www.westbrookfoundation.org.

Fall 2019 grant recipients and their projects include:

  • First Congregational Church of Westbrook: $45,000 to upgrade its fire suppression system
  • Westbrook Fire Department: $38,000 for the purchase, construction, mounting, and installation of a washer, cabinet, and roller to ensure the health and safety of volunteer firefighters and EMTs
  • Westbrook Garden Club: $24,773 to support phase two of the club’s anniversary project, which includes creating a 7,200-square-foot pollinator garden in the Salt Island Overlook open space area
  • Town of Westbrook Department of Social Services: $10,000 to purchase hearing aids for low-income seniors in town
  • Valley-Shore YMCA: $7,250 to help fund the annual Daisy Ingraham Fit Kids Program and to fund scholarships for low-income Westbrook children who wish to attend summer camp
  • Boy Scout Troop 38: $6,800 to cover the cost of sending four adult leaders with Troop 38 to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico in 2020
  • Westbrook Cemetery Association, Inc.: $6,100 to pave the area of the cemetery that is used for funeral and general visitor parking, to fell trees that present a future danger, and to address the brush and small trees intruding on the perimeter of the cemetery
  • High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc.: $5,000 to provide financial aid to Westbrook residents who wish to participate in the organization’s programming

About the Westbrook Foundation

The purpose of the Westbrook Foundation, Inc., is to receive and administer funds and other property to help meet the medical and educational, social, welfare, cultural, recreational, and civic needs of the citizens of the town of Westbrook, Connecticut.

In furthering these aims, the foundation is intended to work directly, as well as indirectly, by aiding and assisting institutions, which are organized and operated to fulfill such needs.

Simply stated, the objective of the Westbrook Foundation, Inc., is to distribute available funds in a manner calculated to bring the greatest possible benefit to the residents of Westbrook.

For more information, visit www.westbrookfoundation.org.